For the past two years, we’ve turned to our trusted communities. Our families. Our friends. Our neighborhoods. Our churches. We have asked our industry what they wanted, and an emphatic demand for activities was the top response, focusing on a variety of themes such as philanthropy, project tours, and just purely social events.

Today, we invite you to turn to your Interior Design community. We’ve missed you! We are calling 2023 “The Year of Events!” We have reevaluated how things have been done in the past. Let’s try something new! We want our Chapter Sponsors to shine throughout the year, and one way is to highlight you at a specific event hosted in one (or more) of our three City Centers.

Please look through this package to select your preferred sponsorship. We want to showcase you and your brand, and we feel that the options here will provide benefits of marketing, recognition, and event access.

The Chapter Sponsorship Campaign is how our Chapter raises the majority of its funds. These funds will help us bring the Interior Design Community back to its original glory… and then some!

Check out our 2023 Annual Chapter Sponsorship Opportunities and select your level of support for the coming year! 

Winner's Circle Sponsors

Heartland Sponsors

Crossroads Sponsors

A & D Design Firm Leader

A & D Design Firm Advocate

For more information, please contact:

Hannah Freiherr

VP of Sponsorship

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