November 9th CEU – The Three Lenses of Health & Materials provided by Interface Inc


EVCC – 12:00 PM CST (Viewing Party) – REGISTRATION LINK

What makes a product or material “healthy” or “sustainable?” This presentation offers a more holistic approach to material evaluation – the Three Lenses of Health & Materials. Each lens examines a key impact of building products on our health and the environment: embodied carbon, green chemistry, and circular economy. In addition to identifying these impacts, this course offers questions we can ask to move the market toward better products for ourselves, our clients, and the world.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will explore the public health impacts of the life cycle of building products, including the supply chain and at end of life.
  • Participants will learn a holistic framework of Green Chemistry, Circular Economy, and Embodied Carbon (Climate) to evaluate building materials and its environment.
  • Participants will compile questions and criteria that shift the marketplace toward materials that are healthier for everyone, including the building occupants.
  • Participants will become proficient in balancing the pursuit of multiple sustainability criteria in product selection which rely on a cohesive Three Lenses framework.


Nov 09 2022

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